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Innovative Passenger Information

The German traffic association Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr and the Swiss railway operator TPC have opted for a new transport technology passenger information system. Our "MOFIS®MEDIA.MIP" extends the classical passenger information option by zoom-capable, digital bulletin-board information, live departure times and information on connections or on available hotels. The information can be "taken along" by smart phone as QR code. With one display each in Dorsten and Aigle, VRR and TPC are testing how passengers respond to the new information offer.

In 2016, a device will be provided at the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) stopping point in Dorsten and another in the Swiss town of Aigle for use of the MOFIS®MEDIA.MIP passenger information system. This is a response by VRR and the Swiss railway operator TPC to the growing demand for digitally available information. In addition to the standard dynamic passenger information (DPI), MOFIS®MEDIA.MIP has offers that are helpful after arrival at the destination and that are interactively integrated. The device is already in use in several areas of Cologne, such as at the stopping point "Dom/Hbf" and at Cologne's modern "Nord-Süd" metropolitan railway. 

The "Paperless Stop"


MOFIS®MEDIA.MIP is comprised of five functional modules with which the "paperless stop" is realized without barriers. In several languages, it provides:

  • digital and up-to-day bulletin-board information
  • connection information
  • dynamic passenger information
  • dynamic routing and
  • tourist information.

On our display, bulletin-board information is available via a touch screen with a zoom function, and a dynamic display gives live information on departures. The individual timetable with fares can be shown on a smart phone via QR code – as can the active routing function with "3D flight" to your destination. Furthermore, a combination with the respective e-ticketing system is possible and after arrival at your destination, the system offers information on available hotels. As a multi-modal transport platform, it also informs you about further transport offers, such as "Rent a Bike" or "Call a Taxi".

Via an Ethernet connection to the central data hub of the respective transport association, a display shows consistent live data on the basis of a VDV-453 interface. Passengers are provided with reliable information that helps not only those arriving at the given destination but also those connecting there for a further journey. On the other hand, the operator has access, via the MIP server, to all of the displays. Exchanging plans and information or checking available data is thereby possible with great savings in terms of time and personnel. Depending on the place of use and the task required, the various modules are also combinable. After the installation of the display, they can be readapted at any time.