BBR Verkehrstechnik GmbH


New KS400 signal tower for EBO tracks

Our new signalling system shows high reliability and availability on EBO tracks. The KS400 signal tower has been used successfully on the Ammertal railway between Tübingen and Herrenberg since 2015, and every day it guarantees the safe transportation of around 9,000 passengers. The newly developed signal with maintenance-free LED technology and a modular design forms the basis for offering a wide variety of designs.

The signal tower consists of a signal connection box and signal housings with a protection class to IP67. They are fitted with maintenance-free signals consisting of a large number of LEDs. They guarantee excellent visibility even in difficult lighting conditions. Their range of over 500 m enables them to be used on tracks with speeds of over 120 kph. The LED signals are available in sizes of 136 and 70 mm in the colours red, green, yellow, white and blue and also as a matrix in the colours yellow and white.

"The modular design of the signal generator allows us to respond specifically to customer requests even for small batch sizes", reports Product Manager Denis Wendlandt.  Together with the ATP interface for the signal tower, there is also the option to use the PZB90 train control system. The ATP interface picks up the signal aspect fully electronically with no interaction and also works highly reliably when signal optics are in blink mode.

Thanks to its signal integrity level, it can also be used in all areas of local and long-distance rail transport as well as in industrial railways. The signal generators can be easily fitted thanks to their unique snap fastener technology.