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Control units and systems

Our key products are electronic control units for use on routes and in marshalling and stabling yards. They comply with the BOStrab and EBO safety req... more >

Data transmission and train control

Our on-board and trackside equipment is based on the principles of either magnetic or inductive signal transmission (IMU). Areas of application more >

Passenger information

Our modular passenger information systems ensures your passengers always have up-to-date information about arrival and departure times, disruptions an... more >

Operating modules

Our operating modules enable easy-to-use and reliable communication with the respective control unit in the control centre or in a signal box. They us... more >


For our trackside and depot proceed signals, point position indicators, and bus information displays, we use only innovative, very bright special ligh... more >

Electronics components

From software and hardware development to assembling the individual components, all electronics components are produced on site at BBR. This gives us ... more >



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