About itcs and displays

Important data of dynamic passenger information is usually already available. But how can this information be displayed at the individual stops?

Interlocking systems Bursa

The city railway in Bursa is already operated by BBR interlocking systems in some parts, new ones will now follow

Save the track circuit!

Safe means of vehicle detection via track circuits – our ZEUS-300-system can be the solution for many operators worldwide

BBR Verkehrstechnik GmbH


Since its inception in 1990, the name "BBR" stands for a company hallmarked by quality, continuity and growth. With more than 200 highly skilled employees, we are a highly efficient company, which provides a wide range of products in the fields of control and safety systems as well as dynamic passenger information technologies.

Numerous customers at both the national and international level - including
public and private transport companies as well as state railways - are relying on our professional competence. The combination of specialized knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and long-term experience enables us to suit individual request.

We look forward to providing you with solutions.



We are certified to
DIN ISO 9001 : 2015



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