About itcs and displays

Important data of dynamic passenger information is usually already available. But how can this information be displayed at the individual stops?

Using an itcs to manage the main operating data has been common practice at traffic enterprises for many years. The traffic management checks the planned data against the actual data, generates shedules, calculates variations and takes care of communication between central office and vehicles.

Dynamic passenger information is already available in an itcs-system or a server. However, how can we provide this information for the passenger displays?
Constantly rising demands on the passenger information and its presentation require appropriate interface knowledge for DFI-display manufacturers. But is this knowledge accessible? What do manufacturers think of this situation? Do manufacturer-built DFI-systems which work on top of an itcs make sense? What would these systems look like? What do operators actually need and what do current call for bids require?

Frank-Marc Siebert, expert in the field of passenger information system MOFIS® (a BBR development), will answer these questions at this year’s itcs-forum in Bremen. His talk on March 27th will cover the general possibilities for an itcs-system and their accessibility to DFI-displays.