A longterm successful cooperation is now the basis for the passenger information system MOFIS® for our swiss customer TPC

Our long term Swiss customer Transport Public du Chablais (TPC) has decided to roll out our innovative modular passenger information system MOFIS to improve customer experience on its stations. In the next years, the stations on the Aigle branch in the Chablais region will be equipped with MOFIS© displays. At the core of the system, the central MOFIS©Control server distributes all required information.

The station displays show dynamic departure information calculated by the central ARIANE module. ARIANE takes into account the scheduled train movements and updates them with live tracking information. Based on the two, ARIANE forecasts the departures for both the stationary displays and web-based passenger information systems. A central user console is installed in the operations center in Aigle to allow operations staff to control the system.

The location of the trains is based on established BBR technology: in 2007, BBR has delivered and commissioned five electronic SIL 3 interlockings on the Villars-Bretaye line. Since then, further eleven interlockings for the lines Aigle-Le Sépey-Les Diablerets and Aigle-Ollon-Monthey-Champéry have been delivered.