Länsimetro in Helsinki

The Länsimetro in Helsinki is about to expand its rail network in the next few years. The first expansion is now complete and already in service

The first Phase of the planned expansion of the Länsimetro in Helsinki is complete. Eight new stations which are fully operated underground are part of the 13,5 km expansion.

In order to manage an absolutely safe and reliable service BBR delivered the track vacancy detection along the line. The so called PZB600 automatically applies the emergency or service brake if the train passes a red-light signal. Used as a block section and point safety system the ZEUS300 and the Automatic Train Protection PZB600 are the essential elements of a successful tram operation.

The second Phase of the planned expansion of the Länsimetro involves another track of about seven kilometers. Having the second phase completed, 170.000 passengers are supposed to be carried on a daily basis. The opening of the second track is planned by 2020 at the earliest.