Innovative LED displays have been brought into service for the first time: a new step in passenger information.

The first two RGB-LED displays have gone into operation at KVB, a long-time client of BBR. For the first time these colourful passenger information displays with LED technology are in the field in an outdoor environment. The new stop “Görlinger Zentrum” has been provided with the displays so that passengers are up to date on the line 3, in real-time and precise on platform information. The data is generated by the central dynamic passenger information system which also has been installed by BBR several years ago.

The innovative displays have two sides, work with a resolution of 480 x 240 pixels à nine rows and show a luminosity of 3.000 cd/m2. The enclosure of the display is especially made for the outdoor operation. Protection class IP65, protection against vandalism and fully air-conditioning are the main features.