Ensuring Safety

Automatic Train Protection


Automatic train protection systems are an integral part of supervision and safety of train movements especially in areas with operational hazards, such as points, signals or slow zones.

Stadler Signalling offers the PZB222 and PZB600 train protection systems that cater for different operational requirements.

Continuous safety

PZB222 train Protection system


The PZB222 train protection system with intermittent data transmission and continuous train supervision helps the train operator in achieving high safety levels. It continuously supervised the train speed based on its position, offers graded reaction when the maximum allowable speed is exceeded, caters for signal aspect based driving profiles, visualizes the actual and allowable speed in a double hand tachometer or MMI, showing the remaining distance until the next stop or signal and initiates forced braking when the train violates a red-light signal indicating potential danger.

Magnetic and inductive train protection

PZB600 systems


The PZB600 system enhances operational safety of trains by forcing a dependency between the signal aspect and a safe braking action of the train. The system automatically applies the emergency or service brake if the train passes a red-light signal indicating potential danger until the train has come to a complete stop. It can also be configured to supervise the train speed and intervene when the maximum allowable speed has been exceeded.

To cater for clients’ requirements, Stadler Signalling offers the PZB600-M system based on a magnetic principle and the PZB600-I based on an inductive principle.