Technology that sends signals: VIA.LED

Modular LED systems - designed for rail traffic


The signals of our MAX and VIA.LED product range use light emitting diodes (LED) as light sources, making them a perfect maintenance free long-term solution. The products are perfectly tailored to the requirements of rail infrastructure operators and secure rail traffic since 1990 on railroads throughout the world.
The LED light features make our MAX and VIA.LED signals easily visible both in close and long-range applications. They have been developed according to CENELEC standards and fulfil the requirements of safety integrity level (SIL) 4. They ensure a safe operation in highly available train control and signaling installations while being highly energy efficient and highly reliable with a proven service life.
Our signals can be further used as replacement for filament lamps with main and auxiliary filaments. They are compatible to the current interlocking interfaces. This gives you a cost effective and sustainable retrofitting option for your existing installations.

As individual as your request

VIA.LED is versatile


No matter if in use on systems that operate under "line of sight" or heavy rail traffic areas, we tailor our VIA.LED signals to your specifications. Choose from a wide range of possibilities! For light rail signaling systems and single point controllers, single or multiple signal aspects and a wide range of custom signals are available. For switching applications, our point position indicators and switching signals offer high reliability and availability.

Contact us for an individual solution based on the VIA.LED product family.