Light Rail Solutions

Individual Concepts for local rail transport


The local traffic system as a central component of our everyday life is steadily gaining popularity. Therefore the daily run has to be efficient and absolutely safe.

We are your partner in surveillance, safety and control for the rail-bound local traffic. We provide Light Rail Solutions, customized and fully modular, in the fields of "Line of Sight" operations.

Automated system operation: SIL.VIA 200

Signaling and interlocking systems, depot interlocking unit


Our product range SIL.VIA 200 stands for centralized monitoring. The interaction between various techniques enables the highly efficient Light Rail operation, even at maximum capacity. Your requirements are our standard for individual technical solutions: from single components to turnkey solutions, we provide you with professional advice. Whichever solution fits you best, every single component is compatible with techniques of other manufacturers and higher-level systems.

Secured operation: SIL.VIA 220 and SIL.VIA 210
SIL.VIA 220 is a comfortable solution for Light Rail operators in order to supervise and control the entire system. Short sections enable a frequent train service which is steadily secured by highly efficient signals, axle counters and direct current circles.

The depot interlocking unit SIL.VIA 210 serves the centralized containment, surveillance and control of depots, Maintenance Facilities and yard tracks in rail-bound traffic. Therefore the maintenance, service and deployment of every single vehicle can be optimized, hence the workload is reduced.

Safety first: SIL.VIA 100

unique controlling systems


The product range SIL.VIA 100, developed by us, is based on a modular and flexible architecture and can therefore adapt to any individual customers requests and safety requirements. SIL.VIA 100 is suitable for any Light Rail systems where "Line of sight" is required and single switches are controlled. That way we can provide individual Light Rail solutions for any kinds of point control systems.