MOFIS®CONTROL organizational unit

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MOFIS®CONTROL is the organizational unit of our dynamic passenger information system. It contains every component of data capturing, data management, controlling and surveillance.

The software of dynamic passenger information sets different standards, depending on the use case of the system. The modular design of MOFIS®CONTROL enables us to realize different solutions in passenger information at minimum-cost.

Central Data Hub



Most public transport operators generate dynamic passenger information centrally and transmit it to the respective display media. In the MOFIS® system, these tasks are assigned to a central DPI server. All ARIANE interfaces comply with the Ethernet standard. Via these interfaces, ARIANE receives the vehicle location messages and the nominal timetable data (VDV452), from which the departures times can be forecasted for all stations. For this purpose, location information is gathered from ITCS systems, interlocking units and receiver devices along the route (infrared beacons, coupling coils etc.). The specific vehicle messages allow an assignment to scheduled routes. Since the nominal driving time between the stations along a route is known, the ARIANE DPI server can calculate the timetable status by a comparison of nominal and actual times and thus the departure forecasts for all subsequent stations.

Both incoming messages and nominal timetable data are stored in a central database. Via a freely selectable number of operator consoles with graphic user interfaces, the current displays of connected media can be visualized and controlled by the Operation Control Centre (OCC) personnel.

The ARIANE DPI server can be easily configured via a graphical user interface, through which all configurable options can be accessed. This includes the migration of third-party DPI displays. Therefore, ARIANE can also be used as a central data hub.