MOFIS® Dynamic Passenger Information System

Well-Informed to Your Destination


Our MOFIS® Dynamic Passenger Information (DPI) System is implemented in a modular way to provide up-to-date passenger information at bus stops and train platforms. As a default, passengers are supplied with predicted departure times and specific information. Under fault conditions or when vehicles cannot be located, scheduled departure times are displayed instead of dynamic information.

Depending on the respective configuration, our MOFIS® system can assist the operator in optimizing procedures such as managing and optimizing connections. For this aim, a driver could receive a generated hint that he shall wait for another bus or train which is about to arrive shortly later.

Due to an abundance of interfaces to third-party systems, already existing data can often be reused for dynamic passenger information without the need for additional processing. Importing timetable data and route information is as easy as exporting operational logs and display data.